Nov 08 2018

Daldy and Gaunt Street upgrades are well underway with the enabling work now complete and the road base stabilisation chugging along nicely.


If you've seen the team digging up the ground and then putting the same stuff back again, you might be wondering why. This is because the ground is mixed with high grade cement and water and when it is placed back into the road base to stabalise it. This helps with current construction works like drainage as well as the general longevity of the road base. 

In October 2018, this is what has been accomplished:

  • Started excavating and stabilising the Daldy Street road base 
  • Started installing a new wastewater main 
  • Continued identifying underground services such as power, telecommunications, gas and water
  • Relocated an existing water main

Next month, the plan is to:

  • Begin work to prepare for the new garden beds along Daldy Street. The first steps will be to excavate and stabilise, just as what is being done for the road surface
  • Continue preparing the ground below the Daldy Street road surface by stabilising it  
  • We will continue to work closely with Air New Zealand to provide safe access to the carpark and delivery entrance
  • Continue installing the new wastewater main along Daldy Street

Throughout this, Daldy Street will remain closed to through traffic, and the worksite will extend to the intersection with Gaunt Street. The traffic flow won't be affected by this, and detours will be in place for pedestrians. More signage will be put up to show you where to go, and the team will concentrate on keeping dust levels to a minimum in the Summer.