Apr 11 2018

Food trucks arrive on Eastern Viaduct

Commuters and visitors to Eastern Viaduct will have their taste buds tantalised as a mix of food trucks roll into the newly opened piece of public space.

Public car parking has been removed from Eastern Viaduct to prioritise the space for pedestrians and cyclists.

In its place is a 35-metre table and a mix of seating styles with shaded areas designed to encourage people to share food, conversation and make connections with friends both old and new.

In the future, the table will be skinned with information about the development of the city’s waterfront, designed to get people sharing ideas about the future of Auckland. The layout and food offering on Eastern Viaduct is temporary to allow for flexible use of the space, which in turn will inform the longer-term plan for how it is shaped.

The change is the realisation of the 2012 Waterfront Plan, where the intention to return the space to the public and improve the connection between the waterfront corridor and Wynyard Quarter was first outlined.

Access for authorised vehicles remains to allow marine and business activities to continue to thrive in the area. Parking for berth holders also remains unchanged and service vehicles are permitted access to deliver to businesses and restaurants on Viaduct Harbour.

The nearest public parking is in Downtown car park, which has more than 1900 spaces including 19 mobility car parks. More mobility car parks are available on Princes Wharf and in Wynyard Quarter. 

Alongside the food truck fare,  will see additional activities in the space including Yoga and meditation for the whole family.

See below the schedule of food trucks and addition activities that will be on Eastern Viaduct this May. 

Food trucks:

14 May - Blitzd - Smoothie bowls (7am - 2pm)

15 May - Blitzd - Smoothie bowls (7am - 2pm)

16 May - Blitzd - Smoothie bowls (7am - 2pm)

17 May - Blitzd - Smoothie bowls (7am - 2pm) 

18 May - Blitzd - Smoothie bowls (7am - 2pm) 

19 May - Blitzd - Smoothie bowls (7am - 2pm) + Bacon Brothers (11am - 2pm) 


16 May - Yoga and meditation (12 - 12.45pm)

18 May - Yoga and meditation (12 - 12.45pm)