Jul 14 2017

Watercare Pump Station

14 July 2017

5m of excavation and 3.6m of concrete lining for the main wet well/storage tank has been completed. Shuttering and reinforcement for the first lift of the control building walls have been erected and the first concrete pour was completed in June.

Installation of the main inlet pipe towards Pakenham Street is also in progress.


6 June 2017

The first 1.6m of excavation and concrete lining for the main wet well/storage tank has been completed. Further excavation has commenced and installation of the main inlet pipe through the secant pile wall is in progress.  Foundations for the control building have been completed and shuttering and reinforcement for the building walls has commenced.

26 April 2017

Installation of secant piles for the main wet well/storage tank has been completed. Excavation of the wet well and construction of the pile capping beam has commended. Installation of service ducts and foundation beams for the control building is also in progress.