See the city different

See the future being looked after today.

It is not easy being green.  On this we agree with Kermit the Frog, but for Wynyard Quarter we think it is essential.  Being green and sustainable is about making sure the buildings that people live and work in are energy and water efficient.   People living in apartments should be able to get lots of natural daylight and open windows to let the breeze blow in.  And sorting rubbish will be a breeze as well with apartments being designed to make the separation of organics, recycling and general rubbish easy.

Providing options for moving around is another key aspect of ‘green’.  We are making sure that it is easy to walk and cycle around the area and that there are plenty of public transport options…so that people can choose to leave their cars at home.

Making families feel at home here is important to us as well so we are ensuring there will be apartments that suit them, the street environment are designed to ensure that cars move slowly and we are looking to ensure good child care facilities are available.

We think you will all agree that the natural environment that surrounds Wynyard Quarter is something special and we are doing our bit to make a difference..   

To guide the development Waterfront Auckland has created an ambitious Sustainable Development Framework.  It sets out Waterfront Auckland’s sustainability aspirations and commitments to create a community that’s truly resilient to change.