11 December - 31 March

Deborah is a retired investor who loves all aspects of art and design.

She is a full-time student of photography and is very happy to be living her passion on a daily basis. A friend of hers encouraged her to take a photography course a couple of years ago, and since then she has developed the knowledge and experience to give her the confidence to pursue it.

Debroah loves that photography is instant and can be used to influence and speak to people. She also loves that you can stamp your own personality and attitude on everything you see. Deborah loves taking big landscape photos, with a person or or animal that evokes a feeling and a mood through their action of the moment.

The camaraderie and collaboration between the group has been a highlight for Deborah, and the most important thing she has learned was to keep working at it and not give up. She hopes to take her photography to a professional level in the next year, to express her creativity and hopes she will be recognised for what she can offer others.

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