11 December - 31 March

Diana is a fine arts and photomedia student from Whitecliffe College and a keen street dancer, organising an annual hip-hop event called “Street Talk”.

As you can probably tell from this, she enjoys finding ways to connect people's stories, personal experiences and various themes through different art forms. Alongside this, she works part-time for New Zealand Police and teaches art and dance at Te Oro Music and Arts Centre, as well as practicing freelance photography.

Diana’s intrigue of photography started when she was ten, after a friend who ran an antique store gave her an analogue camera. Her favourite forms of photography are documentary, portrait and tableau, and her favourite photography subjects are people.

Diana has found being a part of Tom’s mentorship programme very exciting, and is very grateful for this opportunity. Tom is “a really awesome teacher who helped us grow in our photography. (She) really enjoyed being under his tutelage.” In the future, Diana hopes to be excellent at her art, to make purposeful work and to be able to make a good living from doing what she is passionate about.

See more of Diana's work here: