11 December - 31 March

Katya, a fixed-term contractor who freelances on the side, is focusing on working more on her personal photography and creative projects.

She loves travelling, photography (of course) and continuously learning.

When younger, Katya would look through many family photo albums of their travels together and was captivated by the photographic memories her parents had created. She was also gifted an analogue camera which helped spark her growing interest. Katya is inspired by documenting the world around us, capturing moments, and seeing the beauty, magic and art of life.

“I have thouroghly enjoyed the Connections programme, being able to work together on a group project, and to be able to go out and shoot a tangible project,” says Katya. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to get creative and gain more experience.

Katya hopes to take her photography to a professional level in the future and to turn her passion into her income.

See more of Katya's work here: