11 December - 31 March

Kunal is a business analyst and a passionate hobbyist photographer who loves being in the outdoors.

He’s a keen trail runner and loves to combine his passions to create and capture unique moments. One of Kunal’s favourite projects has been to capture the moon in different locations around Auckland.

Kunal has always been interested in taking photos of his friends and family, and when photo-sharing sites became popular a few years ago, he decided to share his photos online. Kunal loves that photography encourages and allows him to go to places he would never otherwise have gone.

Kunal loves being out in nature, and as such he loves to take photos of landscapes and hidden details such as the flora and fauna. He thinks Tom is very knowledgeable and experienced, and it has been great to learn from him. The thing Kunal has enjoyed most throughout the mentorship is also the top thing he’s learned: how to work in collaboration with others and understanding their thought processes. Kunal hopes to pursue his passion of photography in visual storytelling.

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