11 December - 31 March

Siran is an architect from Shanghai, China, from where she moved just over 20 years ago with her parents.

She loves the current state of change that is taking place across Tamaki Makaurau. Siran has always had an interest in photography and the Connections mentorship program has allowed her to push herself and to take her love a step further.

Siran loves that photography allows you to capture a moment, a story they’d like to share and the viewer’s interpretation of the photograph. It is subjective in every way; the same photograph can encompass a myriad of meanings. She finds the dialogue between the photographer, the subject and the viewer very interesting.

Tom Ang gives the photographers space and freedom to go out and capture images in a n intuitive way, and this is what Siran loves about the programme. She also loves the collective shared experience and working with six other ‘strangers’ who are not so much strangers anymore. She has also learnt the importance of having an idea and pausing before taking a shot, to see what makes a particular moment grab her attention.

See more of Siran's work here: