11 December - 31 March

With a British/French upbringing, Stephen has always had a feeling of belonging both everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Stephen has few, but deep passions in life – travel, fine food, Newcaslte Unitied Football Club, music and of course photography.

Stephen is a computer analyst and programmer, a seasoned chef from studying and working in restaurants in and around London and Auckland, a consultant to the hospitality industry, and now finds himself a cullinary arts tutor teaching professional cookery to the future chefs of Auckland’s dining scene.

Stephen’s love for photography is heredetary, with both his father and gradfather being avid photographers. Stephen’s savings from his first job were spend ton a Fujica SLR camera. His love for photography grows as he does – he loves it as an art form, but also as a wat to document family history for the future. His camera inspires him to get outside, and the possibility of a decent sunrise photo makes an early morning worth it (sometimes).

Being a pre-workshop fan of Tom, Stephen has found him inspiring both as a person and as a photographer. His expereince and knowledge are both vast. He’s gentle, encouraging and thoughtful, but also honest and constructive in his opinion.

Stephen has enjoyed getting to work with the other photographers – all individually excellent photographers with very different visions and ideas, but able all able to contribute to a fantastic exhibition. The top thing he learnt was to let instinct take over and not to overthink his photos. In the future, Stephen plans to continue family documentation photography and would like to continue to grow his commercial photography including weddings and restaurants.

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