Waterfront Bike Hire

See the waterfront by bike

Grab a bike from one of our two bike hire stations along the waterfront for a fun, easy way to get around.

The bikes are located at the Quay Street end of Queens Wharf and next to the Karanga Kiosk in Wynyard Quarter and are a great way to explore the waterfront or commute around the central city without the worry of parking.

Riders pay $4 for a four week pass, and during that time the first hour of every ride is $0. You need to register in advance to use the bikes here: www.nextbike.co.nz using your mobile phone and credit card.

After the first hour, riders are charged $4 an hour up to a maximum of $20 for 24 hours.  A registered rider can rent up to four bikes at a time, so it’s easy for groups to hire together.