Wynyard Piano

Wynyard Piano on Daldy

Since the opening of the revitalised Wynyard Quarter in 2011 the roving piano has quickly become a common sight in the area as part of a new approach to engaging locals with public spaces. The project is based on British artist Luke Jerram's work, ‘Play Me I'm yours’ and proved a hit with Aucklanders, being played daily by different groups of people from construction workers to toddlers.

 After considerable use, and withstanding 18 months in the elements the original piano was put into retirement.

In August 2013, a new piano contributed by Tobias Kake was brought to the area. The piano has been lovingly painted by local artist Krystie Wade and is looked after by local piano tuner Kevin Bennett.

Keep an eye out for the piano on Daldy Street. And whether you fancy yourself a future Michael Houston or you are actually Michael Houston the piano is here for your enjoyment and those listening to you.