Oct 25 2017

Our much-loved Karanga Kiosk is getting a state-of-the-art upgrade.

*RECENT UPDATE - August 2018*

Our new state-of-the-art information kiosk is now complete! Located in Karanga Plaza, it's a hub for news, events and general information about the goings-on of Wynyard Quarter. Make sure you drop in on your trip to say hi! Our kiosk staff and volunteers are lovely happy to help .keen an eye out for their name tags on their shirts - if there is a foreign flag, they can communicate with patrons in that language. 


Located in the Karanga Plaza, the Karanga Kiosk has long been the welcoming heart of Wynyard Quarter. This once industrial and port area, closed off to public access for many years, was opened up to the public in 2011 - and Aucklanders haven't looked back since.

Now, six years on the Wynyard Quarter is a thriving hub of leading-edge developments, apartments, restaurants, bars and beautiful open public spaces. 

Now it's time for our much-loved kiosk to have an upgrade to reflect the progress around it.  While the new kiosk is under construction, a temporary kiosk will be located in Karanga Plaza in front of the Tidal Steps.  

We’re looking forward to bringing you kiosk construction updates over the next couple of months.