See the city different

An open door to all.

Percy Vos established his boat building yard in late 1937.  Percy’s passion, honesty and quest for excellence in wooden boat building resulted in some of the finest wooden boats ever built, laying the foundation for Auckland to become known as one of the finest boat building cities in the world.

Percy’s philosophy was to share his knowledge and skills on to “any young man who had the will to learn.”  This philosophy is being carried on by the Vos Trust who are looking to restore the existing boat yard and slipway to establish an interactive showcase of wooden heritage boat building in the Wynyard Quarter. The vision for the Percy Vos Boatyard is the creation of an engaging visitor experience to bring New Zealand’s strong maritime history to life. It will preserve and continue the craftsmanship for which our marine industry is known and house facilities for the restoration and maintenance of wooden boats. It will also be a place to showcase and transfer boatbuilding skills to new generations and a place for the telling of stories that celebrate our rich maritime heritage. 

It will offer an open door to all - acting as a gathering point for the custodians of our unique classic vessels and people who want to reconnect with the maritime origins and the future of our City of Sails.