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Living in Wynyard Quarter

In 2017, Wynyard Quarter welcomed its first residents and hasn’t looked back since. In the following years, as new residential developments reached completion, more people have made the move to call Wynyard Quarter home. 

Living in Wynyard Quarter is all about being part of a community which combines the benefits of inner-city living with the amenity and convenience of the suburbs and achieves all this with a smaller carbon footprint.

To make this happen, to date over 300 apartments, townhouses and duplex housing has been built by the developer Willis Bond & Co. right in the heart of Wynyard Quarter.

These are:

These award-winning residential developments aren’t your run of the mill housing either. They’re the cutting edge of city living, with each development achieving a Homestar 7 rating by offering smart, energy efficient homes that put into practice everything we’ve learnt about living sustainably. 

There are further plans over the coming years to build more homes, with Wynyard Quarter’s already bustling community continuing to grow over time.

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