See the city different

Living in Wynyard Quarter, you’ll be able to take advantage of one of the benefits of living in an area that has been thoughtfully redeveloped: homes that have been designed from scratch to encapsulate best practices in sustainable living.

To start with, every single home will have to meet the standards set down in Waterfront Auckland’s Sustainable Development Framework. So the minimum acceptable Homestar rating will be a 7 (bear in mind a Homestar rating of 5 is already above the current building code). Rooftops will be solar ready to encourage the use of PV panels to generate some of the energy used by the building. As well as being fitted with taps, showers and toilets that use water efficiently, rainwater will be captured for reuse and all appliances and lighting will be energy efficient. Natural light and ventilation will be maximised through designing apartments to be double-sided and composting and recycling facilities will come as standard. 

Even the way these homes are built will be sustainable - it’s stipulated that 90% of construction waste should be recycled or reused.

Living in Wynyard Quarter will encourage people to think sustainably as they enjoy the benefits built into their housing and discover the alternatives to car ownership that will be provided.