See the city different

From the Heritage Landing next to seven cement silos, to a destination esteemed amongst superyacht owners, the story of Silo Marina and its surrounding environment is gritty and authentic.

The Present

Silo Marina is Aotearoa New Zealand’s premier superyacht marina. A combination of its location on the sparkling waters of the Waitemata, easy access to the cluster of marine services in the Wynyard Quarter, and proximity to Tamaki Makaurau / Auckland’s city centre have made it a desirable for superyacht owners who demand the best for their vessels.

And they've come - since the redevelopment of Wynyard Quarter started, there has been a steady stream of fabulous, state of the art superyachts visiting Tamaki Makaurau / Auckland, helping to emphasise that the Wynyard Quarter’s marine credentials are not just a thing of the past.

Silo Marina can accommodate 10 vessels up to 116 metres. The marina has full security, with servicing and refuelling capability. 

Heritage Landing: The Past

The Heritage Landing is a great example of Wynyard Quarter preserving Aotearoa NZ’s maritime history, while making it accessible and relevant today.

It’s in places near here, such as the Percy Vos Yard, that the term “The City of Sails” was born.

The Heritage Landing is a place where you can climb aboard a classic yacht built at Percy Vos up to 100 years ago - either fully restored, or under restoration. 

As well as being a home for these loveable yachts, Heritage Landing helps to keep alive the skills and craftsmanship to build beautiful boats. These vessels were the super yachts of their day: at the cutting edge of boatbuilding techniques, acting as a reminder of where boat-building came from, juxtaposition to the ultramodern vessels refitted and serviced around the Quarter.

The Americas Cup AC72 catamarans - all carbon fibre and aerospace-grade fittings - are the modern expression of the double-hulled waka of yesterday, and the continuing tradition of boatbuilding expertise is central to the experience in and around Silo Marina.

Wynyard Marine: The Future

It doesn’t stop in the present day. To the south of Silo Marina is the Wynyard Marine site, previously a fuel terminal, this land area is returning to its maritime roots. Recently the base of Luna Rosa Americas Cup Syndicate, Wynyard Marine is currently used by (the world-famous) Southern Spars for mast stepping.

In the future this site will become a hub of cutting-edge marine operations, including a superyacht refit and maintenance facility where Aotearoa New Zealand’s world-renowned boatbuilders can continue to create and define the future of yachting. However, you don’t have to be a boatbuilder to enjoy the site’s water’s-edge location: current plans incorporate office and north-facing residential apartments with commanding harbour views across the perimeter of the site.