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Good George North Wharf preview image
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Good George North Wharf

Silo Marina preview image
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Silo Marina

From the Heritage Landing next to seven cement silos, to a destination esteemed amongst superyacht owners, the story of Silo Marina and its surrounding environment is gritty and authentic.

Karanga Plaza preview image
  • Places

Karanga Plaza

Karanga (meaning welcome) Plaza was conceived as a place of arrival, orientation and first impressions for the Wynyard Quarter.

Karanga Kiosk  preview image
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Karanga Kiosk

Karanga Kiosk is a community hub located within Karanga Plaza

Tidal Steps preview image
  • Places

Tidal Steps

The Tidal Steps which expand off Karanga Plaza, allow for people to sit and watch the boats go by, get their toes wet or jump right in for a swim.

ASB Waterfront Theatre preview image
  • Places

ASB Waterfront Theatre

One of Wynyard Quarter's anchor tenants, the ASB Waterfront Theatre brings a little drama and theatrics to the waterfront

Waterfront Marinas preview image
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Waterfront Marinas

Across the waterfront, Eke Panuku Development Auckland manages three premier marinas, with berths ranging from 10-115 metres in length.

Park Hyatt Hotel preview image
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Park Hyatt Hotel

The vista of the eastern edge of Wynyard Quarter has been transformed by the completion of the five-star Park Hyatt hotel.

Auckland Dockline Tram preview image
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Auckland Dockline Tram

Run by MOTAT, the Auckland Dockline Tramway is a 1.5 km circular tour around Wynyard Quarter with a short commentary provided by the tram driver along the way.